Originally from Chicago, the Ferrari family has built a successful real estate portfolio on conservative investment fundamentals since the 1950´s. Upon arriving in Phoenix in 1999, the Ferrari family set forth on continuing their tradition of commercial real estate investment success in the Southwest. After acquiring various types of commercial properties in Phoenix in 1999, the Ferraris felt the next logical step was to develop a property management company with the goal of keeping a close on their latest acquisitions.

Nova Management was founded on the Ferrari fundamentals of integrity, quality, and professionalism. Initially, Nova was developed to manage their private equity acquisitions. With the holdings of the Ferrari family changing over the years, Nova became a third party management service for several properties continuing to deliver the same detailed property management services. Nova quickly developed a reputation for offering the right combination of services that gave them a unique advantage in the industry.

We provide our clients with a professional and experienced management staff, sound financial accounting services, precision in maintaining a perfectly manicured property, proactive building supervisors focused on preventative maintenance and a network that specializes in an array of services that we feel increase the overall value of the properties we manage.

As an attentive management team, we customize a management plan specific to the needs of the building based on the property´s specific requirements. We focus on increasing the property´s value based on our constant management efforts to provide not only quiet enjoyment for your tenants, but a pristine work environment.

Our management team prides ourselves on our commitment to providing well-maintained and properly serviced buildings that will increase not only renewal percentages, but your property values. Our company´s conservative fundamentals have been the driving force behind all of the Ferrari family ventures and Nova is another successful example.